New co-curricular leader to advise SGA

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New co-curricular leader to advise SGA

JOHN ADAMS Senior Staff Writer

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With a new school year comes some new faces.
This year Associate Director of Co-Curricular Activities David Gunn will be the new adviser for the Student Government Association ending Director of Co-Curricular Activities Chris Cameron’s 10-year reign as adviser.
Gunn, a Louisiana native, believes his college career will help guide him through his advising here at Loyola.
“I went to Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, (La.), and the reason why I’m doing what I do now for my career is very much tied to that experience I had there,” Gunn said.
Gunn majored in political science at Northwestern and initially planned on going to law school until he became president of Northwestern’s student government. After his experience in college Gunn decided that he would rather work in higher education.
“SGA is my passion,” Gunn said. “That’s where I found my identity as a college student.”
Before coming to Loyola, Gunn worked at Louisiana State University for the past three and a half years working as an adviser to student government there. Gunn said adjusting to Loyola should be easy.
“You’re going from a campus of 27,000 undergrads to a campus of 2,700 undergrads, you’re coming from a large public institution to a small private institution,” Gunn said. “A lot of the adjustments are easier.”
Gunn believes that SGA is a student-driven experience and will only tell SGA not to do something if he believes it is illegal, unethical or will  put them in a financial deficit.
“My role here is to serve as a resource to them, to get from point A to point B, not to act as a roadblock,” Gunn said.
Gunn will also be taking over as adviser of Interfraternity Council. As a Sigma Nu fraternity member, Gunn is hoping his past experiences will also help in his role as adviser for IFC.
“I had a very true, very legitimate Greek experience that I carry with me to this day that have crafted my values,” Gunn said.            
Gunn plans on talking with leaders in IFC as well as alumni to see where to go with Loyola’s fraternity community.
One rumor Gunn would like to put to rest is that the university is trying to get rid of the Greek community. Gunn believes the fact Loyola’s hiring staff to advise Greek life means they don’t plan on getting rid of it any time soon.
One thing Gunn is trying to do is regain the student’s trust with the office of co-cirricular activities.
“Students have perhaps lost trust in this office,” Gunn said.

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