Editorial: May the best candidates win

We want transparency and outreach from SGA next year

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Editorial: May the best candidates win




The Maroon

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The Maroon editorial board would like to express our strong support for Student Government Association presidential candidate, political science junior, Martin Quintero.

Quintero has expressed to The Maroon that he wants to take initiative during his term to get SGA working autonomously from the Office of Co-Curricular Programing. “Our first obligation should be to answer to our students,” Quintero said.

In our experience in working with student government representatives, we feel there have been numerous occasions where information has been strategically withheld from our reporters. We have also found that representatives are being advised to withhold information by the Office of Co-Curricular Programming.

When SGA refuses to speak to The Maroon reporters, they are also failing to speak to the student body.

We believe that Quintero wants to actively strengthen the relationship between The Maroon and SGA. More importantly, we see Quintero as the candidate that will push SGA away from the control of administrators and back into the hands of students.

We would also like to recognize Quintero’s experience and credentials. He has had positions in SGA as well as served as president for the International Students Association. Like various organizations, ISA has fallen victim to recent budget cuts. We applaud Quintero for his perseverance in leading an organization facing the same struggles as other members of the community during these cuts. We believe that this experience not only demonstrates his leadership capabilities, but also his dedication to cultural diversity and his loyalty to Loyola students.

While we salute Quintero’s opponent, business administration sophomore, Bud Sheppard for his campaign efforts, The Maroon editorial board does not believe Sheppard will act as the necessary driving force to make SGA a truly autonomous student-run organization.

The Maroon editorial board has also decided to endorse SGA vice presidential candidate, Nate Ryther, economics sophomore. Ryther has proven to us that he is eager to work closely with The Maroon to keep students informed.

As a senator, Ryther diligently worked with Information Technology on repairing wireless Internet connection issues on campus. He has shown excellent outreach efforts and demonstrates a confidence in student voices. Ryther has been an aggressive senator that has worked hard to perform in the interests of students.

Deciding not to endorse vice presidential candidate Allison Cormier, political science junior, was difficult. She showed us that she is passionate and very serious about her work in SGA. We also believe, however, that approachability is crucial for the immediate future. In the interest of keeping students invested in the actions of SGA, we ultimately believe that Ryther will actively nurture that relationship.

We choose to support – and to vote for – the candidates that will put students first. Quintero and Ryther are a combination that we believe will both liberate SGA from administrative influences and will have open communication with Loyola students and The Maroon.

Quintero is diplomatic, passionate and consistent in expressing his belief that SGA needs autonomy. Quintero also recognizes the necessity for open and accessible channels for students and SGA to communicate. Ryther can make SGA approachable and give them an accessible presence to students.

We call for all students to vote this Monday, March 31 on OrgSync. Your student government representatives give you the microphone; they are your direct and powerful link to administration.

When students protested in the Peace Quad this past February, the organization that could have prevented the outcry – regarding department cuts – was SGA. When you don’t seriously consider who you want to represent you at this university, you are forfeiting your voice, your choices and your ideal Loyola experience. So apart from just voting, vote for the candidate that will empower you and the voices of all Loyola students.

The editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board. 

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