Senior Success Story

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Senior Success Story

Margaret Vienne, English writing senior

Margaret Vienne, English writing senior

The Maroon

Margaret Vienne, English writing senior

The Maroon

The Maroon

Margaret Vienne, English writing senior


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One member of the class of 2014 has risen to the top of her graduating class with quite a lengthy and competitive resume.

Margaret Vienne, English writing senior, has had many responsibilities over her years at Loyola; among those are president of UPB, president of Delta Gamma sorority and

president of the Jesuit Honor Society. Vienne’s friends and her mentor said she is intelligent, driven and a dynamic woman.

Vienne said her years at Loyola have been rewarding and memorable. She said being recognized as one of the most successful students is overwhelming in a good way, and she hopes that motivates others to give back and get involved.

“I have learned to balance so many commitments by saying ‘no’ sometimes,” Vienne said. “There is always time to do everything you want, just not at the same time.”

Courtney Williams, assistant director of campus activities and Vienne’s mentor, said she is in the top one percent of students he has worked with.

“She is a phenomenal student who performs very well in the classroom,” Williams said. “She is diligent and meticulous with all assignments.”

Williams said Vienne’s responsibilities with UPB and New Student Orientation has improved the programs and is a superb student leader.

“Her teams saw her as a confidant and also someone who would challenge them to take initiatives to new heights,” Williams said. “I knew whenever a task was assigned to her it would be done effectively and efficiently, and she would work to make sure all members of the team were involved.”

According to Williams, Vienne has increased the number of members of UPB and has helped double the amount of programs as well as increasing coverage of events like Sneaux, Williams said.

Vienne said that seeing her successful work on university events is rewarding.

“My favorite memory at Loyola is when we sold out Loup Garou,” Vienne said. “This was the first year in Loup Garou history we had a sold out show. To see such large student attendance at an event was a very rewarding feeling.”

Leah Whitlock, a mass communication junior, is a friend of Vienne. Whitlock describes her as a leader in everything she does.

“Margaret is one of the most well-respected people I know because of her constant kindness and dedication,” Whitlock said. “She goes above and beyond with everything she does and continues to exceed everyone’s expectations.”

Whitlock said Vienne’s success is not what defines her, but is a part of who she is. In addition, Whitlock said Vienne is self-motivated and wants to be the best version of herself.

“She is a constant motivator in our sorority because she sets the standard so high,” Whitlock said. “Margaret encourages members to get involved, not because she wants others to build their resumes, but because she knows how much they will personally benefit from these experiences.”

Maria Solis, an accounting senior, said Vienne knows what it takes to succeed. Solis said she thinks of her as a passionate individual and devotes herself to any task at hand.

“Her success, especially in

her involvement with student organizations at Loyola, has benefitted her in that it have given her valuable leadership, team and organizational skills that she will take along to the professional world,” Solis said.

Kate Gremillion, A’12, was a former president of Delta Gamma. Vienne will follow in her footsteps as she takes the job of collegiate development consultant for Delta Gamma sorority.

“Every Delta Gamma should strive to foster the high ideals of friendship, promote educational and cultural interests, create a true sense of social responsibility and develop the best qualities of character,” Gremillion said. “I think Margaret was chosen to serve as CDC for Delta Gamma because she brings a unique perspective to the position.”

Gremillion said Vienne will be successful as CDC because she has experience with a wide variety of people and will be able to adapt well.

“My advice to her would be to stick to your values and beliefs no matter what situation or challenge you are presented with on the road,” Gremillion said. “The opportunities for growth far outweigh the tough times.”

Williams said he has seen tremendous growth in Vienne since meeting her.

“My advice to Margaret would be to continue living her dream and being a woman with and for others,” Williams said. “I am certain that she will chart a successful path for herself.”

Vienne encourages students to get involved around campus. A Jesuit education is more than learning in the classroom, she said.

“Loyola will bless you with many gifts,” Vienne said. “You decide your legacy when you decide how you will use your gifts. Choose wisely and you will graduate feeling fulfilled.”

Lauren Hinojosa can be reached at [email protected]

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