Meet the Candidates: Hernan Espinal

Hernan Espinal is an international business and finance freshman. He is running to be a senator for the College of Business. This year, he served as the president of the First-Year Council.

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What role do you think the Senate should have in determining how elections are run?
The Senate should let the elections run how they are currently run. The senators should come up with an action plan describing how important it is to be a senator, and how important it is to be a voice for the student body.

Should senators be required to hold bi-semester town halls with the constituents from their college?
Yes. I feel that the more participation from students, the better the SGA and senators can be the advocate for their students.

If a large portion of the student body thinks their senators aren’t representing them properly, what should the students do?
The students should voice their concerns. If senators are unaware of how people on campus feel or of initiatives that people think of, then nothing can be done. The voices of students should be welcomed.

Why are you running for this position?
I am running for this position because of my passion for Loyola, and to build a strong foundation of senators for the university.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish as a senator for SGA?
As a senator for SGA, I hope to accomplish initiatives to make it easier for students to voice their opinions about the university.   

Why should students vote for you?
I am very involved on campus, a leader in many of the organizations I partake in and a highly driven individual.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your campaign?
As a first-year student, I have participated in many different positions within the Loyola community. I have had the chance to witness flaws in more areas than one, and I hope to address these things with a transformation of university culture in mind.  

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