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Letter to the Editor: Alumni: Student’s opinion column was misguided


August 22, 2013

To the Editors: We were considerably dismayed by reading the article printed in a recent issue of The Maroon. The author of the article, a self-described pro-choice, makes a number of noteworthy comments in expressing her opini...

Letter to the Editor: Club can offer a forum for students with strong opinions


August 22, 2013

To the Editors: After a year of regularly reading The Maroon, it has come to my attention that several students on Loyola's campus have a passion for their opinions. From the articles on abortion to the letters to the editor o...

Letter to the Editor: Humanity shows through in tragedy


April 24, 2013

I viewed the explosions at the Boston Marathon via replays from my hotel TV in Philadelphia, while attending an annual meeting of AJCU library directors. As a former resident of Boston for 14 years, I had run the marathon seven ti...

Letter to the Editor: Seek help for eating disorders


April 11, 2013

Writing this column is hard as it makes me extremely vulnerable. There are certain people I care about that I wouldn't want to see this, and part of me hopes they never do. That is why I write this anonymously; hopefully there wi...

Letter to the Editor: SGA seems to disdain students

Rolando Lopez

April 4, 2013

I'm a master's student, I'm only taking one class a semester at Loyola and I've got a full-time job. That is, I shouldn't really care about SGA or The Maroon. But I do. Let's take The Maroon, for example. The point of the news...

Letter to the Editor: Prepare for your career now


April 4, 2013

I would like to respond to a recent article written by an alumna about her post-graduate experience in the world of work. Her letter is entitled " Strive for greatness in all you do" and was published in the Friday, April 15...

Letter to the Editor: SGA should be ashamed


March 20, 2013

Procedures laid out in the bylaws of the Student Government Association should be followed at all times. Procedures exist to protect the ability of any organization to operate. They show that the rules were followed, and as lo...

Letter to the Editor: SGA must be reformed for Loyola’s good


March 13, 2013

On Thursday, March 14, our Student Government Association plans to hold an illegal election in the Danna Center based on the election policy outlined in a constitution that has yet to be ratified by our popular vote - and th...

Letter to the Editor: Constitution will bring more efficiency

The Student Government Association

March 7, 2013

We, as an organization, have realized that because of our structure we have become increasingly ineffective. After speaking with student government officers from our peer institutions and fellow Jesuit colleges and universities, we...

Letter to the Editor: SGA offers numerous options

The SGA Executive Staff

February 20, 2013

In his letter "More change needed outside of allocations" in the January 25th issue of The Maroon, Economics Club President Matthew Portnoy expressed his frustrations with SGA's apparent lack of support in advertising on-campus events. While we at SGA...

Letter to the Editor: Loyola must provide more for students

Lauren Joyner and David Gold

January 31, 2013

Anyone who has gone to Loyola in the last few years knows that this school has a problem with freshmen retention. The administration has explained this with excuses ranging from severe weather to partying on the weekends. Th...

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