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Swing in the Oaks

Swing in the Oaks

April 21, 2016

In My Opinion: Spotify allows musicians to grow audience

Sammy Odell, [email protected]

April 4, 2016

Filed under Music, Op/Ed, Opinions

Big names artists like Taylor Swift have brought attention to the newly hot topic of streaming services asking whether or not the service’s payments fairly compensate for what artists have created and shared. This question produces...

Album Review: 2015 Record Recap

Blaise Radley

March 10, 2016

Filed under Life & Times, Music

When looking back at a year's best albums, it is often hard to gain perspective on what records truly made a mark on the aural landscape. Sometimes the influence of an album has been lessened by its release early in the year,...

Album Review: Kendrick Lamar: ‘untitled, unmastered.’

Blaise Radley

March 4, 2016

Filed under Life & Times, Music

Releasing an album without warning is probably the most effective manner to announce your status as a heavyweight within the music world. On a creative level it implies that producing an album of worthy material is a trifling...

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