Green Fee could be added to student fees


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The Loyola Association of Students for Sustainability seeks to add Green Fees.

During the spring 2013 semester, LASS became an officially chartered organization under the umbrella of Student Government Association, and their first goal is to incorporate the concept of Green Fees in an attempt to make our campus more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. 

LASS currently consists of about 15 members. Three presidents lead this organization including Danny Milojevic, environmental studies senior, Alden Woodhull, mass communication junior and Anne Barkley, music studies junior. 

Green Fees would be a $5 to $10 addition to a Loyola student’s tuition. This proposed fee could potentially add an optional green fee to a students billing statement, Woodhull said.

“Green Fees is something Loyola should be able to do because it follows our Loyola Jesuit mission of service for others, and there is no greater service than the environment,” Woodhull said.

The concept of Green Fees will be presented to the budget committee in January of 2014, Woodhull said. The Sustainability Committee is made up of faculty, students, LASS members, an SGA representative and a Physical Plant employee. Students and members of the LASS organization would present the proposed fee, Woodhull said.

The earliest time students may see an optional charge on their billing statement is fall 2015, Woodhull said.

The Green Fees Initiative also has the support of Loyola staff members. Josh Daly, interim director for the center of community engagement, said he is in support of the proposed program.

“The real appeal of Green Fees is for a relatively small amount of money, one could see a large environmental impact in Loyola’s campus. We could see more energy efficient buildings, which are the types of things that students want to see,” Daly said.

The money raised from Green Fees will help to promote and create environmental projects around the Loyola campus. Automatic sensor lights throughout Loyola buildings are a potential project that will help to reduce electrical waste Woodhull said.

LASS and other students would not have sole power and control to use funds, Woodhull said.

The Sustainability Committee would assist in determining where the money would be allocated and which projects would be completed first, Woodhull said.

Some students are open to the idea and goal of Green fees.

According to Leah Whitlock, mass communication junior, environmental initiatives have happened throughout this year, and she hopes to see more initiatives in the future.

“I believe that the renewable water bottle machines that have recently been installed are a great addition to our campus and a positive step towards going green,” Woodhull said.

Margaret Strahan can be reached at [email protected] 

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