Quidditch hosts Gulf Coast tournament

“Talking to players on the team during a game is a crucial part of the sport.” — Alex Pucciarelli, theater freshman and beater

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Quidditch hosts Gulf Coast tournament

Elise Berggreen

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Zach Brien

The Loyola Quidditch team  hosted the 3rd Annual Wolf Pack Classic on Saturday in Kenner where they finished 3-2.

“We implemented a lot of what we’ve been working on. We have a lot to work on still and more to implement, but this was a good peek at our progress,” Steven Gergen, environmental business senior and the team’s former captain of three seasons, said.

This was the first tournament of the year with “The Big Four,” comprised of Texas A&M, Lone Star, Baylor and the two-time champion, University of Texas.   

“These four teams are regarded as the four best teams in the nation and thus in the world,” Gergen said.

These four teams play within the southwest region of the United States Quidditch. The USQ is like the SEC for Quidditch and is known for very rough play.

This is also Gergen’s first season just playing, after handing down the title of Captain to Etefia Umana, mass communication junior.

Out of the 16 teams competing from the Gulf States, Gergen said that Lone Star, a community team from Texas, is looking like the favorite going in.

“Texas A&M was looking to regain success they have had in past seasons, but have not showed so far this year,” Gergen said.

Alex Pucciarelli, theater freshman and  the team’s Beater, said that she believes in the team’s promise.

“I’m not saying that we are guaranteed first place. There were much stronger teams on Saturday, but we definitely put up a fight.”

She said she believes that though they all have reason to be confident in their skills, there is always room for improvement.

Pucciarelli went on to mention that she hopes that the team can master their communications skills on the field, because “talking to players on the team during a game is a crucial part of the sport.”

Despite any impending threats from other teams in the region, Pucciarelli is confident that they will succeed because of their ability to work well together and adjust to various situations with ease.

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