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Shelby Kirby is an avid blogger and Tumblr-user, so when her GIFs don’t load due to Loyola’s Wi-Fi inconsistencies, she “gets irritated.”

Kirby is not the only student on campus with these same complaints, and the Student Government Association is taking action.

Blake Corley, SGA executive vice president and mass communication junior, recognized that the student body has been presenting the same few issues to the SGA for years and that not many changes have actually been made.

“The names have changed over the years, but the stories have remained the same,” Corley said. “I thought it was time we started taking things into our own hands instead of just relaying messages and hoping things get accomplished.”

In response to presented campus issues concerning the student body, SGA has initiated five task forces designed to directly address these problems instead of simply passing them off to external university committees, as past administrations have.

These task forces include smoking, sustainability, facilities, advocacy and outreach and voter registration.

“As a senator, I never really quite knew what my role could be. Now as executive vice president, I realize how much of an impact each senator can make. I’ve kind of made it my personal mission to empower the senators,” Corley said.

Alex Kneib, SGA senator and pre-law history junior, is heading the SGA Facilities Task Force in hope of confronting many of the on-campus complaints. His first concern is Wi-Fi.

Kneib has been working closely with Corley the past year, and when Corley needed a senator to head this particular task force, he knew just who to ask.

“He has recognized my consistent concern about my constituents’ issues with different facilities on campus,” Kneib said.

Already, Kneib and the Facilities Task Force have met with Joesph Locascio, director of computer and network services, in hopes of resolving some of the on-campus Wi-Fi complaints.

Kirby said she shares SGA’s hopes for seeing some improvements soon.

“It’s frustratingly slow, and it goes out when I need it the most. The Loyola server crashes every time something big happens, like class registration,” Kirby said. “Something needs to be done.”

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