Presidential candidates speak out: Khaled Badr

KHALED BADR Presidential Candidate

Maroon Staff

KHALED BADR Presidential Candidate


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“I’m running for student body president because this is a crucial time in SGA’s history. Without proper leadership next year, many of the things that we have worked hard to accomplish may not reach their potential. As president, I will increase communication and unity. I will do that by implementing a liaison program. Through this program, each senator will be assigned to serve as a liaison to approximately three student organizations. The initiative intends to give all organizations a specific person through whom they can communicate with SGA. Another initiative that I will accomplish is transferring this campus to an eco-friendly one. Already, as a senator, I have started working on this initiative by contacting off-campus organizations to work with University officials to change to energy efficient lightbulbs. I know I have the diversity, experience and leadership to effectively represent the student body.

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