Staff development proposal under way

By KAMARIA MONMOUTH Contributing Writer

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A staff development proposal between Administrative Senate and Human Resources is under way to extend basic computer and career-based skills to employees.

The proposal will be discussed in further detail on Feb. 14 and will hopefully be discussed with University President the Rev. Kevin Wildes, S.J., in spring, said Kathy Gros, vice chairwoman of the Administrative Senate.

“When I write reports, I write them for everybody on campus and send them out in Excel,” Gros said. “There are some staff members who are not familiar enough with Excel to change the format or the order that it is in. For staff development, we would like to see a session on Excel and that would be so that anybody on this campus could get a report from me and know how to rearrange the data.”

A staff survey conducted last year by Senator at Large Brad Petitfils found that the majority of staff had an interest in technology, communication skills and leadership training.

“I am gathering input from university leaders and the Administrative Senate on staff development needs,” said Human Resources Director Ross Matthews. “I anticipate that we will offer manager skills development. If computer training is offered, it will likely be through Monroe Library as it has been in the past.”

Once the proposal is formed, there will need to be a budget approval, Matthews said. There remains a question among senators whether funding will be available.

In their September meeting, the Administrative Senate discussed funding for staff development and released this statement: “Senators feel that they should advocate for staff development; however, there is another issue of funding such a development. It does not seem feasible for the work group to continue to spend time researching development options if funding is not available.”

Despite funding issues, the Administrative Staff and Human Resources plan to go through with the staff development proposal.

“We want to increase the effectiveness of staff in their jobs and have a more satisfied and engaged workforce,” Matthews said.

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