SGA 2012 Debate Review


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With the 2012-2013 student government elections happening right now, Loyola’s Student Government Association held a debate on Tuesday, April 17 designed to give the candidates an opportunity to express why they are best suited for certain SGA positions, the debate was indicative of those used in national elections.

Presidential Candidates

One presidential hopeful, Kristina Martínez is currently the president of the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences. As part of the SGA, she has worked to motivate other members to participate with things inside and outside of the college while also keeping close communication with the dean. Martínez believes being a good president requires approachability. “I think the president should be someone who a person can go to. I know a lot of systems require senators to go out and talk directly to the student body and report back to the student government, but I believe the president of SGA should also be responsible for doing that”.

The second hopeful, Kahled Badr has been involved with a number of organizations on campus. “My participation on campus has allowed me to deal closely and effectively with the student body. I’ve been able to hear about and solve many of the students’ issues and I feel that I’m very prepared for the position”, said Kahled. As president he would better the communication between SGA and the student body president through a liaison program, which would assign two or three senators to handle organizations. “One senator would deal directly with organizations and address their issues with the SGA in order to improve overall communication,” said Kahled.

Vice-Presidential Candidates

Also involved in the debate were two vice presidential candidates: Michael Falotico and Gabriela Galeano. Galeano is presently a staff member for the University Programming Board and thinks the skills she’s acquired from the position will aid her if she’s elected. She’s helped plan events on campus and believes community building is essential to the success of the SGA and to Loyola as a whole. “It is important to connect with students and help them get a feel for both the New Orleans and Loyola community,” said Galeano.

The second candidate, Michael Falotico, believes his leadership experience has prepared him for the position. He is currently on the executive staff in SGA and holds the position of director of student resources. He’s planned events around campus and served in various leadership positions. He currently serves as philanthropy chair for Phi Kappa Psi where he recently organized a petting zoo to raise money for the foundation Save the Ta-Tas.

Candidates for President: Kahled Badr, Kristina Martínez

Candidates for Vice President:
Michael Falotico, Gabriela Galeano

Candidates for Senator at Large:
Blake Corley, Roco Gándara, Sean Rose, Josh Washington

Candidates for Senator for College of Business:
Will Maye (College President), Pedro Benítez, David Logan McCabe, Carey Shetterley, Alexander Thuku

Candidates for Senator for College of Humanities and Natural Sciences:
Sabrina Hernandez (College President), Sofia Alvarado, Thomas Davidson, Steven Gergen

Candidates for Senator for College of Music and Fine Arts:
Marlee Jensen (College President), Elise Berggreen

Candidates for Senator for College of Social Sciences:
Jasmine Barnes (College President), Julia Gurney, Eddie Murray, Martin Quintero


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