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Volleyball clinches playoffs


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After going on a 10-game winning streak, the Wolf Pack clinched its spot in the Southern States Athletic Conference tournament.

Loyola volleyball’s overall record of 25-7 and a conference record of 7-7 currently qualify the team as the seventh seed for a conference tournament where the top nine teams get to play in the post season.

With the team in the middle of a 10 game winning streak, Head Caoch Tommy Harold likes where his team is headed going into the post season and says that he is particularly pleased with how they have started their matches.

“We’ve been playing more consistently, starting games a lot quicker as the year’s been going on,” Harold said. “We started the year with some matches where we took our time getting going and it hurt us a little bit. In the last few weeks we’ve been able to jump on teams and start quick.”

Middle blocker and history junior Sabrina Stansberry is also feeling good about the team’s play as the conference tournament draws nearer.

“We have a really good mindset and we’re feeling comfortable playing with each other,” Stansberry said when referencing the team’s winning streak.

She also said that she is proud of how the team has played considering the parity in the conference.

“Our conference is so unsteady. We’ve taken the top of the conference to five and then the middle of the conference has beaten us in three, so it’s who shows up to play on a given day,” she said.

Stansberry is proving to be a valuable part of the team down the stretch. She has 84 blocks on the season and is averaging .8 blocks per game.

Though she said she is pleased with her own overall performance this year, Stansberry still gave credit to her teammates for putting her in position to block kill attempts.

“They set the block, I just go wherever they tell me to go, really,” Stansberry said. “Defensively, we’re playing great. Becca’s passing well and we have a lot of freshmen playing and we’re just doing our job.”

With the Wolf Pack heating up late in the season, Harold said he likes his team’s chances if they can keep up their current momentum.

“There’s nobody in the conference I don’t think we can beat,” Harold said. “The top team in the conference is Spring Hill and we’ve taken them to five both times so we know we can play at that level. It’s just a matter of doing it at the right time.”

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Volleyball clinches playoffs