Department may get new set of courses

By J. KARIN CURLEY Contributing Writer

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Mass Communication students could possibly have a new set of required courses after the University Courses and Curriculum Committee votes on proposed curriculum changes.

The School of Mass Communication overhauled its curriculum to meet the standards set by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, the governing accreditation agency, in an effort to be accredited. The university strategic plan, Loyola 2012, dictated the push for accreditation as a way to enhance the university’s reputation and stature.

The new curriculum would add more hands-on experience and expose students to multiple media platforms. An internship and ethics class will be required, as will a senior seminar to help students build a portfolio.

“It really ensures students are prepared for global mass communications,” said Sonya Duhe, director of the School of Mass Communication.

All incoming students would study under the new curriculum, if approved. Current students would have a choice. Some juniors and seniors might choose not to switch into the new curriculum as it might push back their graduation date. Freshmen and sophomores should not have the graduation date affected at all and therefore would be strongly encouraged to make the switch.

The University Courses and Curriculum committee will vote Oct. 27. If approved, it will move to the Standing Council for Academic Planning for final approval Nov. 8, according to Lydia Voigt, senior vice provost for Academic Affairs.

The school must have two graduating classes under the new curriculum before it can move into the next stage of accreditation.

Currently the business, law, music, counseling and chemistry programs are accredited by their appropriate agencies. The School of Nursing is seeking accreditation for its doctor of nursing practice program, according to Edward Kvet, provost of Academic Affairs.

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