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OPINION: Living in Cabra not as bad as it may seem

Garrett Fontenot

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Garrett Fontenot

Garrett Fontenot

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Welcome to the Third World.

That’s what most people think when they hear the words “Cabra Hall.”

It brings to mind an unseen realm of mystery, a place not often seen by “normal” students; a realm of strange happenings and dark shadows permeated with unknown smells.

It is fascinating what the imagination of a Loyola student can conjure up.

The Room Draw process this year held many surprises for students who may not have ended up in the room they anticipated. Many residents left the Carrollton table after the last room was filled to turn to Buddig Hall, the only other residence hall available to upperclassman on the main campus. It was only after the first seven floors of Buddig (reserved for upperclassmen) were filled that the masses began to turn towards Cabra.

Reactions were mixed. Some chose to sign up early on for a room in Cabra, even before Carrollton had been filled. The vast majority, however, chose it as a last resort: a final defense against homelessness.

Some tearfully vowed that they would never stoop so low as to live in Cabra and would fight their placement to the bitter end.

In some ways, I feel sorry for those people for not getting to live where they wanted, but also stubbornly resisting an opportunity that they may not have realized they were being presented with.

I take this time to give the disclaimer that no, I have never lived there myself, but I have spent a fair amount of time in Cabra and on the Broadway campus. I also know most of the staff of the building this year and have seen the passion and love that they have for the place, which speaks greatly to me.

Despite the bad reputation that Cabra has, it is truly a unique place to live. First, the building is the only one on campus where one has the opportunity to live with law students. For those interested in continuing to law school after graduation, the chance to observe firsthand the odd species of humanity that is a law student should be an experience that one jumps on.

Second, it really is not all that far away from campus. The 100-mile trek through the wilderness of Uptown that some make it out to be can just as easily be envisioned as a short walk down St. Charles Avenue. I would venture a guess that some Tulane students walk further from their residence halls to classes – and they aren’t even on a different campus.

I don’t wish to say that Cabra is perfect here. Granted, the old lady is long overdue for a facelift (and it would do her wonders), but she ain’t all that bad on the inside. Her furniture is a bit worse for wear (hint hint, Res Life), but the community aspect of outdoor porches and multiple common rooms that Cabra has are unmatched in any other building on campus.

And besides, where else can you splash around in a fountain or be greeted by a dog named Abita at the front desk?

Garrett Fontenot is a history senior. He is also a Buddig Hall Resident Assistant

and Religion Editor for The Maroon.

He can be reached at

[email protected]

In My Opinion is a weekly column

open to any Loyola student. Those

interested in contributing can contact

[email protected]

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OPINION: Living in Cabra not as bad as it may seem