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Lady ‘Pack on hot streak


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Other teams around the country wish they had this much heat.

Since the beginning of the season, the women’s basketball team has bounced into the court with a record number of wins, and, according to head coach Kellie Kennedy, they don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

“This group has refused to lose. 16-2 is not an easy accomplishment,” Kennedy said.

The team has continued to rise up in the ranks of women’s basketball. Along with an outstanding record, the team is ranked 23rd in the country.

“We have an exciting brand of basketball. We run, we defend, we score. It’s fun to come watch us play,” Kennedy said.

With the opportunity to win a championship within the conference, to win a tournament championship and to even go to a national tournament, the team is preparing for the best.

“This team, I just love this team and their personalities,” Kennedy said. “They’re unselfish, and they play for each other, and they play to win. It doesn’t matter who gets the credit from any of them. The most important thing is that they win, and they understand that.”

While spectators are obviously not allowed on the court along with the players, Callie McNally, forward and accounting freshman, finds fan support to be important.

“I think fans really play a big part, especially when we’re playing a hard team,” McNally said. “Keeping up the tempo and getting everybody excited, it really takes the team to the next level.”

“It’s fun to watch my friends play,” Kara Nishimuta, Spanish freshman, said. “The teams play really well, so they’re good games to watch.”

Kennedy also said she appreciates fan support.

“It’s just like the Saints in the Dome,” Kennedy said. “No one beats them when they’re in the Dome. When we get support from our students on campus, it only adds to what we’re doing. It adds to our enthusiasm, and they help create an atmosphere to help us be successful.”

The women’s basketball team has been getting national recognition for individual players this season, but Kennedy finds the team’s chemistry to be just as admirable.

“We have some great players on this team, but it makes it so much better that they play for the group and that they play for each other. And I don’t think we would be where we are if we were selfish,” Kennedy said.

The ‘Pack has 16 wins so far, one of the best seasons in Loyola’s history, and there are still many games before the season is over.

 “I think this is a very special team,” Kennedy said.

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Lady ‘Pack on hot streak