Editorial: Freshmen have much to learn

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As the university ushers in its largest class since Katrina, a fresh horde of students must become accustomed to the ins and outs of Loyola and New Orleans at large. Getting acclimated to newfound freedom in a city as dynamic as New Orleans often proves difficult, but there are several key tips that can help you along as you find your footing.

Perhaps most important is to remember that college is the time when you set the stage for the rest of your life. What you do now will directly influence your future, no matter how distant it currently seems. So, keep the resolve to act responsibly in mind. Be sure to put effort into all your actions at Loyola, and learn to be reliable and professional for your friends, professors and bosses.

Outside the classroom, Loyola offers a wide variety of resources and opportunities of which you can take advantage. Don’t be afraid to get involved; you’ll most likely regret it if you do not. Loyola houses offices dedicated to study abroad, cultural understanding, service learning and other facilities that can open your mind and transform your college experience. Learn about these different services Loyola offers and find out how you can utilize them.

Also keep in mind that just because you are in college does not mean you need to go out every night. College offers new autonomy and experiences, and freshmen certainly need not ignore these opportunities. However, you have responsibilities for classes, so avoid spending every night at The Boot. When you do go out, try not to limit yourself to Uptown. New Orleans is a rich and diverse city just waiting to be explored, so make the most of where you are.

And, please, don’t wear pajamas to class.


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