Falotico removed from race


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After violating three campaign regulations as laid out by SGA’s Spring Election Packet, former presidential candidate and current SGA Vice President Michael Falotico was removed from the presidential race last week.

Falotico, who is still eligible to run for another SGA position in the second election, was removed for having campaign materials in prohibited locations. Falotico had campaign materials in the SGA office, within 20 feet of the SGA office and had a sign placed in some shrubbery on campus.

“The judicial branch met to discuss the complaint filed against Michael
 Falotico, in accordance with the official university hearing procedure,
” Mara Steven, history pre-law senior and SGA chief justice, said. “Mr. Falotico was invited to give testimony, after which the judicial
 branch deliberated and decided appropriate ramifications.”

In order for the violations to be reviewed in front of the judicial branch, the people who witnessed these violations had to file an official complaint form.

Courtney Williams, assistant director of campus activities and SGA adviser, said that three witnesses have to sign the paper work to get it to the justices for review. He also said the complaint report is a sealed document and not available to the public.

Steven, whose job as chief justice requires her to oversee the judicial branch in meetings like this, said she has not seen a situation like this while she’s been involved with SGA.

“No complaints of campaign regulations violations have been filed during my 
term as chief justice,” she said. “Nor during when I served as a justice during the 
2011-2012 academic year.”

Lilly Wang, management freshman and SGA justice, said that the all the justices were able to remain neutral during the emergency meeting after the report against Falotico was filed.

“None of us were affiliated with him,” she said. “We looked at it from both sides.”

Even though the process may have been difficult for those involved, Williams said he was pleased with how everyone handled themselves.

“I appreciate the way the students handled the process,” he said. “They were very professional with everything and it was definitely a very challenging and difficult situation. They made very mature decisions.”

Falotico declined to comment on his removal from the presidential race.

Hasani Grayson can be reached at [email protected]

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