Wildes calls for review of vendor policies

Charmaine Jackson Contributing Writer

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      Plans to devise a clearer policy for campus vendors is expected for the new school year. 

Recently, the Rev. Kevin Wildes, S.J., sent out a letter to the Loyola community saying he will form a “university-wide committee to review our current policies, along with best practices, for our contracts with vendors.”

He will seek out a diverse group of people to comprise the committee, which will include a representative from the university faculty senate, administrative senate, Student Government Association, Student Bar Association, and the Office of Mission and Ministry. 

“I am asking the committee to review all of our existing policies that govern who we do business with and how they are supposed to conduct business,” Wildes said. 

Tommy Screen, assistant to the president on government relations and a lawyer who once worked on Capitol Hill, was selected by Wildes to chair the committee because of his experience with government regulations.

According to Wildes, the university considered developing a “clear and succinct” business policy for vendors in the past, however, it did not materialize into the policy he is now asking the committee to create.

Wildes said the policy he is promoting was practiced last fall when the Office of Student Affairs scouted for bookstore vendors.

 “When we went out to bid the bookstore, one of the requirements was that companies needed to have a clear, enforceable policy towards the manufacture of athletic wear, [which] Follet does,” Wildes said. 

Due to that requirement, Wildes said some companies withdrew from the selection process.

While the current policy is “not gathered in one place,” he said.

Wildes said he believes that after the committee presents a clear articulation of current policies and makes recommendations for areas that are not covered, the new framework will influence what companies Loyola chooses to do business.

Wildes said he thinks forming this committee will address the concerns of Sodexo employees as well as future employees. 

Once the new protocol is approved, Wildes said he will move them into effect as soon as it is possible.

The Office of General Council will monitor business vendors to make sure they are compliant. 

The committee plans to meet soon; however no date has been set. 

“Given the summer break and because I want student representatives on the committee, I would expect the report next fall,” Wildes said. 

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