Students encouraged to dig into intramural volleyball

Volleyball teams lack men for division

By RICHARD DEMPSEY Contributing Writer

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With the start of the fall semester comes the start of Loyola’s intramural volleyball season.

Last season the intramural volleyball league consisted of three divisions: co-recreational, women’s and men’s. However, the men’s division failed to attract enough participants to field a competitive league.

“I would like to have more men’s teams compete this year. It has been mostly co-rec and women’s teams that have participated in recent years,” said Zach Bracey, assistant director of Wellness.

In addition to offering students a stage to showcase their athletic talents, intramural volleyball has allowed some students to foster friendships.

“My experience with intramural volleyball has been pretty good. Ever since I’ve played on the LASO team, it has allowed us as members to bond with each other,” said Samantha Lee, finance and accounting junior.

Bracey also explained that there “are no real changes to the (intramural) program this year” and students interested in playing intramural volleyball should register at Students can also find team schedules, league announcements and league standings on imleagues.

“It is really important that teams are aware of dates and deadlines,” Bracey said.

One of these deadlines is Sept. 23, the last day for players and teams to register to play in the league.

In addition to the registration process, team captains will meet with Bracey on Sept. 26 to discuss a general overview of league procedures and rules.

There will be intramural volleyball games Monday and Wednesday evenings beginning Oct. 3 in the Den.

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