Weil, Mader give their plans to SGA senate

Sidney Holmes

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Student Government President Ben Weil addressed the SGA senate with his initiatives as the group met for their first official meeting of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Weil was joined by SGA Vice President Blane Mader, along with Cissy Petty, Vice President of Student Affairs.

“Let me be clear. The work starts now,” Weil said, taking the podium to address the senators.

He informed the senate of the six initiatives he has for the school year, which include “finding your Loyola,” campus diversity, going green, professor grading accountability, post-grad test programs and athletic programs.

Weil said that the senators’ help is needed more than ever to fulfill their goals.

Mader then made his presentation to the senate, announcing his “Triple A goal set.”

“I don’t want you to associate this with the car insurance company, however I see these goals as a form of SGA insurance,” Mader said.

Mader’s goal set called for the senators to be apparent in their presence, assertive in their actions and accepting of accountability.

Mader acknowledged that he is new to student government, and that despite being trained for the position, he is bound to make mistakes.

“I ask that you have patience with me, but I also ask you to hold me accountable for these mistakes so I can actively improve upon them,” Mader said.

Mader also did not hesitate to show a more assertive side of student government, saying that they are like a machine.

“If one of us is not performing at the same level as all of the other parts, the machine is doomed to fail, and let me say that if a piece keeps breaking, we won’t hesitate to find a replacement part.”

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