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Center for entrepreneurship accepting applications for new software development program

Leah Banks

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Loyola University New Orleans plans to launch a new certificate program beginning June 2017, which will aim to provide recent liberal arts graduates with a certification in software development.

The 10-week boot camp program will place a unique spotlight on coding and software development, and participants will work with local software development employers to hone the skills needed for entry-level software development positions.

The program provides recent liberal arts graduates with six weeks of coding fundamentals. After learning the fundamentals, the students will work toward more specific pre-selected certifications determined by local technology firms to be needed in the entry-level workforce.

According to the Loyola Center for Entrepreneurship and Community Development, the program’s implementation is a response to a lack of qualified employees in emerging technology fields.

Kate McCrery, Loyola’s entrepreneurship and community development program manager, said there are an estimated 3,000 unfilled positions in the New Orleans area in software development and coding that have not been claimed because most people do not have entry-level training in the industry.

While McCrery said she cannot reveal which companies Loyola has partnered with to develop the program, she said companies in the city are looking to grow.

“Across Louisiana, there are 3,000 entry-level tech jobs with a lot of room for growth,” McCrery said. “We are talking to large tech companies that operate locally and are looking to double their workforce within the next year.”

McCrery said by focusing the program toward recently graduated seniors who attended a liberal arts college or university, the certificate program will address the skills gap in Louisiana’s workforce and support the state’s technological entrepreneurs who are looking to diversify the technology workforce and bring economic growth to the Greater New Orleans area.

Dec. 9 is the deadline for soon-to-be graduates to apply for entrance into the software development and coding program, and McCrery said the program has seen some interest.

“We have an application of interest and a solid amount of interests.” McCrery said.

McCrery said the program is offering a $500 discount to the first 10 students who apply and give a deposit on the certificate by Dec. 16.

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Center for entrepreneurship accepting applications for new software development program