On-campus vs. Off-campus?

Students gave mixed reviews about whether on or off-campus housing is better.

Haley Pegg

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  • Andrea Dousdebes, biology senior, is living off campus for the first time this year. “Pros to living off campus are that I feel more independent and it gives adult experience,” Dousdebes said.

  • Anthony Parker, public relations senior, said being on campus is convenient for the most part, except for one factor. “Something I don’t like in the dorms is how inconvenient it is when the elevators don’t work,” Parker said.

  • Francesca Bua, English sophomore, said she likes living in Cabra Hall. “It really simplifies my living situation. I don’t have to worry about paying rent or utilities,” Bua said.

  • Hunter Crochet, management junior, said the best part about off-campus housing is the different aspects of convenience. “Living off campus has been a great experience for me because it’s allowed me more freedom and saves money through not having to have a meal plan and avoiding the expensive dorm fees,” Crochet said.

  • Stewart Campbell, finance junior, said a negative aspect of living off campus is dealing with external factors that are uncontrollable. “The people who live next to me are in a band and practice a lot. The walls are thin so my roommates and I have to suffer through the noise,” Campbell said.

  • Jane Sellers, marketing senior, said moving off campus was a nice upgrade from her experience in the Loyola dorms. “It’s good because you don’t have to worry about walking up nine flights of stairs in Buddig,” Sellers said.

  • Julia Falco, forensic chemistry senior, who lives in Cabra, said “It’s good because you don’t have to worry about maintenance or the costs of it.”

  • Marissa Friduss, international business sophomore, who lives in Carrollton said “I love living on campus, but one negative aspect is not having my own kitchen. I love cooking my own food so that’s definitely been hard for me.”

  • Nick Dupas, psychology junior, who lives in Carrollton Hall, said, “It’s really convenient living on campus because everything is close by since our campus is so small.”

  • Raven Anderson, biochemistry and pre-med senior, said living on campus is beneficial, except for a couple minor downsides. “It’s kind of annoying that you can’t have pets in the dorms,” Anderson said.

  • William Hernandez, marketing junior, says living off campus plays a huge part in academic performance. “Depending on where you are, traffic can be a factor of being on time to class or having tardies throughout the semester,” Hernandez said.

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