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noun zum·ba·pho·bi·a \zoom-ba-fo-bee-a\ 1. A condition that causes men to avoid fitness classes that are typically viewed as feminine 2. The fear of working out to upbeat music in a classroom setting

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Tia Teamer

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Classes like Zumba, Twerk N Tone, Body Pump and Boot Camp encourages its attendees to sweat to a beat, but they all lack one thing: a male presence.

Three weeks in, classes have had an average of eight male attendants per week spread out amongst the 13 classes offered, according to attendance records.

While University Sports Complex fitness instructors have noticed the lack of male participation, they said the classes are general workouts fit for females and males.

Even though Hernan Espinal, a member of the fitness team, does not attend the classes himself, he does recommend group exercise.

“So our focus is increasing overall attendance within the group exercise classes themselves. We don’t really focus on a particular gender,” Espinal said.

Peyton Bock, management senior, said he feels the classes would not be as effective to him as his traditional work out.

“I am reluctant to attend the classes just because I like to traditionally work out with weights or go on a run instead. I just feel like going to a class wouldn’t be the same,” Bock said.

Wellington Selveria-Carlos, an international student, said he enjoys taking all the classes offered, even though they are predominately female filled.

“I attend the classes because I do not like to work out alone, I like group exercise,” Selveria-Carlos said.

The most popular class, Twerk N Tone, with 71 participants so far, has only had two regular male participants, who were both encouraged to attend by their female friends. While twerking is a social dance mostly performed by females, the workout includes cardio, core, glutes, quads and weights.

Even though some of the dance movements can be considered feminine, Tai Teamer, Twerk N Tone instructor, said this should not discourage people from attending the class.

“Yes, some of the movements are feminine, but I am willing to make accommodations just like I would do for my other members,” Teamer said.

However, not every male is against the aerobic classes offered. Ronald Chavis, krewe leader for the Office of Student Affairs, had the chance to participate in the Twerk N Tone class at the Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon event that occurred Feb. 21.

“I would definitely take the class if I had time. I loved the class. I like dancing and not thinking about trying to be fit,” Chavis said.

As Loyola continues to put on fitness events to encourage students to lead healthy lifestyles, Antoine Barriere, Loyola’s university programming board member, has new ideas to incorporate males and continue to publicize fitness classes.

“I plan to put together a routine together for Twerk N Tone class so that more guys come out to Tai’s class and also show a different style of hip hop and exercise that’s fun and not perceived as just for women,” Barriere said.

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