“Picking Petals”

Ella Jacobs, digital filmmaking sophomore

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They speak it like dropped pennies found beneath the cracks of the road – Priceless.

They make wishes – throw them at the water wells flourishing with the numerous copper thin bits, shimmering like the mirages of last summer.

They hope for more so one day they might find less.

I spoke of a time when I craved the penny pieces – clung to my flesh and gave me red, red cheeks.

They all wished for a dream while they snuggled dirty blankets and time – ringing, ringing.

I found myself ringing and crying too.

The buzz couldn’t be killed – Rohypnol was off the hook and ran away the penniless feelings from wishes half committed and half exposed.

I told him my wish.

One night I stayed up late to a sound that only You could make.

A soft, perilous hum – I cannot forget.

Grapes that peal in your mouth – splishing, splashing driblets and dribbles all over tinted lips.

Summer’s sweat got us both.

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