The Maroon

“Irrational Fear”

Tyler Cottrell, mass communication senior

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We don’t see beneath the water. But we fear it.

The depths below are murky, glooming with shadows of

the unknown.

Fear is seductive, so we submit to its authority,  lling those eerie

trenches beneath us with our darkest nightmares- the seabed, now

a mass of decaying corpse hands, reaching for our frantic kicking

limbs, struggling to pull us under.

The imagination is a powerful tool.

The imagination is a powerful tool, and fear is its

irrational o spring.

We choose to su er in our imagined threats, the ones we have never

actually experienced, but are passed down folklore.

We have been told what to fear, when to fear.

We have been told who to fear. And we have listened.

Letting the fear in our eyes become the pain in their hearts.

Our human connection deteriorates as our false

associations implode.

Danger is conceptual, not a people.

We displace each other to make room for our arrogance a forever unsatisfied beast that crushing the  ame our humanity.

We chance to bask in one another’s burning brilliance is lost in fear.

Our human connection deteriorates.

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“Irrational Fear”