Beauty, the healthy way

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Beauty, the healthy way

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Students looking for health and beauty tips don’t need to rifle through fashion magazines — some alternatives may just be a desk away.

Loyola students and stylists are sharing some of their go-to health and beauty tips.

Kelly McDonald, a New Orleans native and licensed cosmetologist currently stationed in The Salon at Winter Park, Colorado, said a healthy diet is needed to improve the appearance of skin and hair.

“Most things start on the inside,” McDonald said. “Great tips for skin include pomegranate juice or pills for redness and multivitamins that have B-complex, essential fatty acids such as omega vitamins.”

McDonald said that common tips include drinking water and taking vitamins for skin improvement. However, she said hair is highly affected by what you consume as well.

“Hair needs protein and moisture — that is what it’s made of,” McDonald said. “So a high protein diet and hydration are the best first steps for healthy hair.”

Allison St. Martin, mass communication senior, said that sometimes her hair and skin need some loving as well.

“Coconut oil — my all time favorite product. I use it as a skin moisturizer, makeup remover, cook with it, put it in smoothies, coffee,” St. Martin said. “I also put it in my hair. It works as a great deep conditioner.

As for black heads and acne, St. Martin said that the most important thing for her is cleanliness.

“Always wash your face before bed with a gentle cleanser and use lotion or moisturizer,” St. Martin said.

St. Martin said she also recommends priming your face before makeup application to keep everything fresh and long lasting. However, sometimes, she said it’s best to just give her skin a break.

“A great tip when you’re having a breakout or itchy skin is not wearing any makeup. I know it seems awful to walk outside without covering that zit up, but it needs to breathe.”

McDonald said that everyone has unique skin, so it’s all about finding what works best. In the meantime, McDonald has a few pointers for what works for her, specifically.

“When we can’t get all those things on the inside, there are several things to use as topical treatments,” McDonald said. “Rose hip oil has been my favorite oil for my skin. It hydrates and calms redness for my sensitive and dry skin.”

After cleansing, Marsella Barrios, music industry studies junior, said she always applies her makeup with clean hands, and she cleans her makeup brushes multiple times per month with mild soap and water.

“Following the cleansing, I’ll moisten a cotton-round with a toner or astringent, and finally, I’ll finish up with a non-comedogenic, sunscreen moisturizer,” Barrios said.

As for hair care, McDonald said that a little product goes a long way.

“Curly hair favorites include Devacurl products; nothing makes my curls feel better,” McDonald said. “Use a microfiber towel to dry hair, only brush your hair in the shower while conditioner is in, and no sulfates.”

Barrios said that health is important because it establishes a conscious and healthy routine for caring after one’s own natural beauty.

“While everyone is different, it is up to each person to establish their own regime to fit their own personal needs,” Barrios said. “What can work for me will not be 100 percent guaranteed to work for you. Thus, beauty health requires trial and error in order to achieve wise, personalized beauty health habits.”

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