“Me, myself, and Netflix”

Davis Walden

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When it’s time to kick back and relax after a long day of classes, Netflix is always there for you. You type in the famed web domain, the screen fills up with red, and you know what happens? You’re overwhelmed with choices. From hit TV shows, to the random show that one friend of yours keeps recommending. Well, the time to watch is now. Gear up. Take a trip to the C-Store, load up on snacks, snuggle up, and kick on one of the best series Netflix has to offer.

Obvious Choices

Friends — Critically acclaimed and loved by millions, Friends is now finally at your fingertips. You can watch Ross go through all of his divorces, Joey become a rising star, Rachel being su-perficial, Monica being a neat freak, Phoebe’s twin antics, and Chandler being Chandler. There’s a reason why Friends is so famous, it’s amazingly funny and heart-warming.

Breaking Bad — If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, then you definitely should. This is an amazingly well done show with talented actors, fantastic writing, and loads of funny moments.

If you like to be dramatic

House of Cards — Following Kevin Spacey as a corrupt senator willing to do anything to get to the top and his equally vile wife, played by Robin Wright, House of Cards is brutal, at times, and expertly plays out story lines like pieces on a chessboard. Filled with subtle, and not so subtle, criticisms of politics, House of Cards keeps viewers on the edge of their seat.

Grey’s Anatomy — Following a group of interns working their way up through careers and relationships, the amount of drama Grey’s has to offer never ceases to amaze. Making you go through good times and bad, Grey Anatomy’s is a good watch. From cool medical mysteries to steamy hospital romances, it has something for everyone.

The Fall — Starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan, The Fall follows a series of murders in a small English town. The Fall is a shockingly underrated show that makes viewers question society and morality.

If you like to laugh

Archer — Created by Adam Reed, who brought us Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and some of the writers of Arrested Development, Archer spoofs the spy genre by giving us an utterly incompetent team of spies who argue non-stop throughout each episode. You’ll fall in love with each character and their hilarious antics.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — The narcissistic sarcasm of the characters is everything you say in your head, but are too politically correct to say out loud. You’ll love to hate these characters.

New Girl — Lovable, quirky, and lead by Zooey Deschanel, New Girl is filled with the friends you’ve always wanted, but never had. The characters’ antics are memorable and fun to watch.

Orange is the New Black — A good reason to get Netflix if you don’t already have it, OITNB follows the lives of women in prison. Funny, daring, and heart-wrenching, Orange is the New Black is a must-see for its ability to tell stories and get us to love each-and-everyone of their characters.

How I Met Your Mother — The show may have worn its welcome with nine seasons, but its funny script and charming cast are legen…wait for it… dary! Each character works their way up through life, relationships, careers, and learns several lessons along the way. This is the kind of show that any sitcom fan should watch.

If you like to scream

American Horror Story — An anthology series that introduces new characters and a new story every season, American Horror Story is one of America’s scariest shows. For this reason, you often see clusters of viewers huddled up to a TV screen here at Loyola. Funny and terrifying, American Horror Story is a scary good show.

Bates Motel — A modern day prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, Bates Motel introduces a whole new background to the characters that shocked viewers since its release. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore wonderfully lead the show as Norma and Norman Bates, a mother and son with a deadly relationship.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer + Angel — Two of Joss Whedon’s most famous works, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are two must watch shows for fans of the supernatural genre. Both are filled with lots of comedy, scares, and moments that will most definitely make you cry.

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