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Thanks for the memories

Wolf columnist, Erica Colbenson reflects on her four years of mishaps and mischief.

Published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 15:02


Angela Hernández

Erica Colbenson

    When I think of graduating, two things cross my mind: "Thank God I'm out of here!" and "Holy crap, I need to find a ‘big girl' job."

     I honestly can't wait to get out of college. Not because of the classes, projects or less-than-tolerable teachers—you know who you are—but because coming to Loyola has put me in so much debt, I am considering acquiring a sugar daddy or selling my organs on Amazon. Does anyone else feel cheated?

     Another thing I absolutely will not miss is the terrible fashion. I know sometimes I show up to school in sweatpants and a T-shirt, but I also work until five in the morning. And sweatpants can be cute if you do it right. I'm talking about the people who look like they get dressed in Andy Warhol's reject closet with the lights turned off. Andy can pull it off, because he's Andy frickin' Warhol, but you are not. Turn on the lights, please.

     But beyond that, Loyola's not all that bad. There are many things I will miss, like printing up pictures of sexy men, and delivering "male mail" to Professor Valerie Andrews. Or, as a freshman, doing work-study in the School of Mass Communication office, and Dr. Bob Thomas asking, "Who wants to have some fun?" just to be given a not-so-fun task. I love going to Professor Michael Giusti and asking him any ridiculous question and he always knows the answer. And just seeing the beautiful and inspiring smile on Professor Lisa Martin's face makes anyone's day so much brighter.

     I had many great experiences going to Loyola as well. Being a mass communication major, I was given many opportunities to interview great local bands and see their shows, for free might I add. Moreover, being published, either in the Loyola Maroon, The Wolf, Offbeat, etc., is the world's greatest feeling. Seeing my name printed in a magazine or newspaper still sends chills coursing through my body. Also, my two closest friends at Loyola become editors. I am so proud of them.

     That brings me to my girls. We all met doing work study at the School of Mass Communication, and oh boy, did we have a good time. We may have caused some problems, because let's face it, most of us are smart-alecs. We had dinner every Tuesday in the Orleans Room, we made obnoxious birthday cards for one another, have Disney sing-a-longs in the office, or learn how to Jai Ho in Audubon Park. We had some great times, and even though some of our lives have taken diverse paths, I love these girls; I couldn't have done this without them.

Here's to the class of 2012. We did it, y'all! 

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