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Nightlife Articles


  • Shannon Donaldson

    Editor's Note

    At some point or another, almost everyone has that moment.

  • Room on a budget

    Decorating on a dime

    College residential hall rooms and small apartments can be the epitome of bland and boring — but they don’t have to be.

  • Cat Roommate

    Roommate Ruckus

    Sharing living arrangements can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be

    Having woken up to piles of vomit scattered throughout her Buddig Hall residence, Music Therapy Senior Faith Benford has experienced her share of roommate problems.

  • Heir to the home

    A Loyola senior is the heir to the ancient home of her martyr-saint ancestor in France

    As a young girl, Music Business Senior Joy Cornay never gave her family name much thought when she flew with her parents to the small town of Loudun, France.


  • Robert Reed

    Spotlight: Robert Reed

    Administrator has made Loyola “home” to students for nearly 30 years

    Robert Reed never imagined his friend’s suggestion to become a resident assistant would turn into a 28 yearlong career.

  • How to stay safe in your neighborhood

    Keep an inventory of your valuables and electronics. Laptops, cellphones and tablets are some of the most valuable things college students own. Keeping a record of the make, model, serial number and cost of all of your electronics is great for insurance purposes and will only help you in the long run.

  • Kayla Mitchell

    Column: Commuter life provides challenges, opportunities for growth

    All throughout high school, I planned on living on campus in a residential hall to get the “full college experience.” Once I decided on Loyola, however, my parents and I had to discuss our options, because I live close enough to commute.

  • Student voices, Housing advice

    Quotes compiled by Leslie Gamboni.