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The Works

  • Isolation

    The Works: August 23, 2013

    “Isolation” by communications freshman Caroline Weiss.
    March 2013. Acrylic on canvas. 40 x 30 in. 

  • Skeletons in My Boudoir

    Skeletons in My Boudoir

    The Works

    I smear the ivory powder of my past across my face, paying close attention to cover

  • Shreds

    The Works

  • This Little Brittle Pink House

    How easily the idea that ‘something better’ comes together; With simple addition and change of color.

  • Untitled

    “Untitled” by mass communication sophomore Tarrah Aroonsakool. December 2012. Watercolor, marker, prisma, coffee, tea, rice, banana paper. 12 x 16 in.

Fool's Hand

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fools Hand: Part I

    Boy follows strange glow

    His journey began with a prick from a rose.
    Baethan, ten years old, was lying in the grassy field in front of his home, following the streaks of purple and orange in the sky and focusing on the few lone stars that had appeared. 

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part II

    Two minds connect to become one

    All Baethan could see was white — a vast empty whiteness that seemed to travel on into infinity. He could not feel his arms or legs when he tried to move them.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part III

    Baethan sees the corruption spread

    Baethan’s mind was wakened again. He had eyes once more.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part IV

    Baethan’s parents search the forest

    His mind was split in two.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part V

    A rebellion forms against the Corrupted

    Baethan found his mind completely scattered between no less than 195 people. They were all gathered in a large auditorium, arguing amongst themselves and letting their minds wander.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part VI

    The Corrupted attack the safeguard

    Baethan felt his subconscious being placed into the mind of a priest who was leading a large group of survivors towards their safe haven. 

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool’s Hand: Part VII

    The Corruption is brought through the lines of safety

    Five weeks after The Corrupted charged the gate of the prison, the remaining survivors began to waste away.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part VIII

    Baethan sees what the Corruption has done to his mother

    The girl had bitten into the poisoned apple. The Corruption was consuming her.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part IX

    Baethan is offered the chance to see the end

    Charisma took Baethan’s mind away from the siege that was befalling the prison. The agony of the survivors being slaughtered by The Corrupted was etched into his thoughts.

  • Fool's Hand Logo

    Fool's Hand: Part X

    Baethan makes the final jump into a new subconcious

    “My world…has ended?” Baethan asked Charisma.

Video: 2011 Shooting at Tucks


Michelle Gingras reports on the shooting at Tucks bar and Loyola students give their reactions to the bar's closure.

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