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Letter to the Editor: New mascot looks like Sonic

Published: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Updated: Friday, September 6, 2013 18:09

Dear Editor,

Last week, I believe I was majorly hornswoggled. We have transitioned to the infamous post-summer video game drought where we are all stuck waiting for new releases in the winter holiday season. I’m bored. I need a new game. I needed a sign. What looked like a group of over a hundred Loyola students and faculty collected in the Peace Quad attracted me. They were cheering for something. I’m not typically in the loop with what is happening around campus, so I was curious. A part of me even suspected this to be some game news I desperately wanted.

The banner was released, and I immediately knew this was news for a new Sonic game. Yes, I said “Sonic.” I was desperate enough to play a Sonic game even though we all know the recent releases have been rather subpar compared to the earlier games. I’m not particularly excited about the already announced games, one involving Sonic skiing in the Winter Olympics with Mario, as if we need another Mario or Sonic sports game. Will this game include mundane Chao raising again? Maybe Eggman summons some unstoppable terror and calls in Sonic to save the day? How about Mighty the Armadillo? Where did he go? Will we suffer another forced fishing mini-game as Big the Cat? But wait! This banner displays a red hedgehog-like character. Could this truly be another new character to pollute the franchise? Sega is falling back into bad habit again.

I was too engrossed in my rapid thoughts to pay attention to the event, but I briefly overheard a person finish his sentence: “…new Loyola logo.” I give a sigh of relief. Phew, Sega is not making a mistake with a red hedgehog. But my sigh might have been premature. What is Loyola doing with this cartoon wolf who resembles a Sonic world OC like one would see all over an amateur’s profile on deviantArt? I know Sega might make the mistake of crowding their game with too many cartoon animals, but I had higher expectations for Loyola’s new logo. Somewhere out there I can hear choked sobs of a fourteen year old on deviantArt mourning the unauthorized use of his “original” fan character “Viper the Wolf” as the template for a college sports mascot. Maybe our cross-country sprinters will run at the speed of sound, inspired by our newfound recolored Sonic mascot.

I knew Sega might change their logo, but I didn’t realize Loyola was adopting Sonic as ours. It’s not the exciting video game news I wanted, but at least I get pleasure from imagining our red Mascot blurred across the basketball court. However, if he starts wearing gloves and shoes while spouting phrases like, “You’re too slow!” then maybe we should expect lawsuits.

Disappointed gamer and Loyola student,

Devin Michael Burgess
history junior

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Fri Sep 6 2013 15:50
Many schools have mascots that look like cartoon characters: LSU and Florida to name a couple. This mascot will look great on the side of a football helmet if LU ever decides to bring back that program.
Thu Sep 5 2013 20:12
Yo. First off, Gone Home just came out. Also, Pokemon comes out next month. And there's the Humble Bundle out right now. Plenty of MMOs to go around. New stuff in the eShop all the time. So stop being bored when there's games to play.

Second, get off the Sonic hate train. Yeah, there are some sad games in the line up, but did you know that Sonic & Mario at the Olympics was the third best selling Wii game? Also, plenty of people enjoyed Chao raising, myself included. And people who don't even like video games. That unstoppable terror Eggman summons? Yeah, I know that's Generations you're talking about, and that was very well received. And the same thing will happen in Worlds and people are actually really hyped about it. Are the stories too basic? They are because it's a SONIC game. These are made primarily for CHILDREN. Basic stories work for kids who just wanna blow up robots and run fast. And they do those basic stories with charm.

Big the Cat's games may have been difficult, but who didn't love that huggable idiot. And the controls were imported from Dreamcast Bass Fishing which was a very popular game at the time. The original game on the Dreamcast let you use the fishing controller. The only reason it was "sufferable" was because of the GameCube transfer. It simply didn't have a way to handle it well or rewrite it.

And don't dis new characters until you actually see what they do and how they act because freakin Team Chaotix is a staple now

Oh yeah, you know about the obscure Mighty the Armadillo so you should have had some knowledge about these things, right?

But I digress. And so do you. You didn't really focus on the actual Sonic comparison and back it up. You just rode the Sonic hate train.

Choo Choo

Thu Sep 5 2013 19:45
Hey, Devin. Get a hobby

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