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Column: The Women’s Resource Center is here to serve the community

On the Record

Published: Thursday, December 5, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 17:01

Julie Thibodeux

The Maroon


Loyola’s Women’s Resource Center was founded in 1975 and was the first university in Louisiana to have a specific center catered to female students and their needs. The center was formed to serve the needs and interest of the female community of Loyola and also to offer its services to the women of New Orleans.

We have now been in operation for over 38 years. There were a few years in the 1980s that the WRC closed due to budgetary restraints, but the demand for the center grew from that, and we came back stronger than ever.

As an undergraduate and law school alumnae of Loyola, I am honored and proud to serve our community as the Interim Director of the WRC. Each day, the WRC works to fulfill our mission statement:
“The Women’s Resource Center aims to provide Loyola women and men with a positive college experience by responding to their needs as gendered human beings and by fostering an environment that is free of sexism and other forms of institutional and individual oppression.

It strives to create a supportive and inclusive campus environment through programming, services, and advocacy. The Women’s Resource Center supports the educational mission of Women’s Studies through programming and services.

It encourages and promotes the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge about women amongst faculty by supporting research and course development assistance in those areas.

In all its endeavors, the center seeks to include and respond to the needs of staff members. To ensure that the community is involved in activities of the center, and that students can also find feminist role models and mentors, we encourage and maintain contact with alumni, the local community and links to other women’s centers, especially at Jesuit institutions.”

Since August, I have been listening to faculty, staff and students discuss the needs that the WRC should fulfill on our campus.

In the last three months, the WRC interns and I have worked to provide the Loyola community with more tangible resources available in our office and Living Room, both located on the third floor of Marquette. We have become more intentional on the information available to students, faculty and staff.

Our resources include, but are not limited to: a list of healthcare centers, a babysitting list, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, information for survivors to seek help and a vast library of books focused on feminism.

Our living room space offers the Loyola community a peaceful space for study, meetings or relaxation.

Additionally, due to the demand on campus, we have become very intentional in providing resources to our lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual and queer students, faculty and staff on campus.

So far this year, we have opened our living room to the Queer/Straight Student Alliance for meetings, we hold a queer study group each week, and we participated in a co-sponsored “Coming Out Day” in the Danna Center. Just last week, we hung posters on campus bringing awareness to the issues faced by transgender students.

The WRC is here to serve the diverse Loyola community. We will continue to expand and grow while holding true to our mission statement and original purpose as being a place for gendered beings to thrive and grow on campus.

Julie Thibodaux is the interim director at the Womens Resource Center and can be contacted at 

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Mon Jan 13 2014 12:55
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Mon Jan 13 2014 01:31
I took a Women's Studies course to see what the craze was about. I dropped it immediately. All it is a pity party of well-off girls who have pen1s envy. Are poor girls feminists? No, otherwise who would take care of the career woman's children? You think Rosita is "educating" herself? Nope, she's working for sheckles while the career woman is abandoning her children to chase S3x & the City lifestyle.
Sat Jan 4 2014 14:16
I doubt that there is a sorority or any other organization that would want Feminist as a member given that (1) she wants to exterminate those who disagree with her, (2) she would probably fail a course in economics were she brave enough to enroll, (3) she has a deep hatred of men, especially white men, and (4) she believes that a course in gender studies warrants college credit. Her diatribes remind me of Janis Joplin's "Poor Poor Pitiful Me." Given that she claims to have so much concern for the oppressed, let's all chip in to buy her a one-way ticket to North Korea where the world's most oppressed people reside. It's ripe for do-gooders like her.
Fri Jan 3 2014 15:26
Good job trying to discredit me, both Anonymouses.

#1- Calling someone a troll is a the same as being the first to call out a strawman argument. And for the record, I may be a curvy woman but I'm not as big as a troll. We're beautiful and not sexual pieces of meat with unattainable bodies like the "hotties" on campus. You know they purge, right? That's why I'm not in a sorority. I respect myself to know that I'm more beautiful than them, inside and out.

Feminism needs fat acceptance and vice-versa. Only together can we change what beauty really is.

#2- Yes you should fear feminists! We're only growing! The cavemen views of men are going extinct and soon we'll take over it all!

Communism is not a feminist POV. Notice how I didn't say communism but I said equality in terms of resources and rights. Communism is patriarchal created by a man.

And if you're White, you have something to do with oppressing minorities. Ever heard of "white privilege?" Speaking of which, you have too much privilege. You need to check yourself. From what I can read, you're White, cisgendered and a male. The unholy trinity of privilege.

Human-beings should be "gendered-beings" like Julie said or you can replace the "a" with a "y." "Humyn-beings"

Everyone in Loyola should be forced to take a gender studies class every year! There is so much ignorance on campus that can only be eradicated by a proper education.

Mon Dec 30 2013 16:48
Feminist is the type of person who the whole world should fear. For starters, she wants to exterminate people with whom she disagrees. Sounds like Kim Jong Un of North Korea. She talks about no competition, everyone getting equal treatment and resources, and free healthcare. Sounds like a communist to me, one who is obviously unaware that communism has been proven to be an abject failure, notwithstanding the fact that there is no such thing as anything of value being free. Someone ends up paying. Maybe she oppressed black people, but I did not and neither did my parents or grandparents. I assume no responsibility for black people having been oppressed. They aren't alone in this evil world. And finally, I am not narrow-minded, not afraid of strong, independent women, and do not have a fragile male ego. I do, however, deny the superiority of either gender. Both are necessary to maintain the specie, in case she needs to be so reminded.
I do have one other question for the feminist: Should we no longer call ourselves human beings because the letters "man" appear in that phrase? What say you in your infinite ignorance?
Mon Dec 30 2013 12:24
What's that I smell? A troll? Yup, that's what I smell.
Mon Dec 30 2013 12:05
Wow, Anonymous. Just wow. Your fragile male ego cannot handle the superiority of womyn. You are a narrow-minded misogynist who is AFRAID of a strong, independent womyn. You should try being open-minded and accepting of other people's beliefs.

Yes, I agree the term "Black Market" should be changed because it is offensive to African-Americans. It should be called "The Illegal Market" instead. Why should we keep reminding them about their African-Americanness? As a highly educated Caucasian womyn, I apologize on the behalf of my people for oppressing them. I feel so much guilt and remorse I voted for Obama twice. Not only because he was an African-American but because he gave us free healthcare and is taking care of America in ways those prehistoric, highly conservative right wingers would never. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize. Bush never did that and was a warmonger.

Economics is patriarchal brainwashing in disguise. Economics/Finance/STEM majors discriminate against womyn. We need more of us in there but the patriarchy refuses to let us in. Capitalism is a cancer in this world. If feminists ran the world, there would be no competition and everyone would get equal treatment and resources. No one would be better than the other. Imagine, no men or womyn. Just gendered-beings. That's the world I want to live in.

And see people like Anonymous exterminated :)

Sat Dec 28 2013 11:17
The comment by the feminist lesbian is an example of how ridiculous the thinking of feminists has become, thanks in part to organizations like the Women's Resource Center. She wants to change the spelling of the first word in that department because three consecutive letters in the first term spell man. Wow. This is stooping below the dung. Then she says that men pushed capitalism onto the world. Not true. Capitalism evolved as an economic system because enhanced the well-being of people like no other system had ever been able to do and has not been able to do. She needs to take a course in economics. Oh, by the way, does she want to eliminate the pronoun she because it includes the consecutive letters he? And perhaps she wants to eliminate the term black market because the first word in that phrase is black. Then in her last paragraph she lies with statistics when she says that in "4 years of education, every woman in the senior class has gotten brutally raped." Hey girl, you should study statistics before you use it to mislead. Hey feminist, why don't you do something constructive for a change and get a life?
Fri Dec 27 2013 14:58
I am a feminist lesbian and I think the term "Women's Resource Center" is oppressive. Gender is a social construct therefore it should be called, "Humyn's Resource Center." Notice how I replaced the "a" with a "y." I am not a man and definitely not a woman because it has the term "man" in there.

@ Anony There is no men's center because you're all oppressing the world! Are you white? If so, you need to feel guilt and shame for your actions. Your ancestors enslaved the world and pushed capitalism onto it. If you're a minority then I must educate you because the White man has kept you down and refused to show your empty little head what the world truly is.

Rape culture is real too. 25% of women get raped on campus every year! That would mean in your 4 years of education, every woman in the senior class has gotten brutally raped. I admire their strength and courage but they really need to come out and put these disgusting males behind bars.

Sun Dec 8 2013 23:59
I had to laugh at the phrase "a place for gendered beings to thrive and grow on campus." What in the name of heaven is a "gendered being?" Is it a new vocabulary term for students of the Women's Studies Program to study for the next test in their efforts to learn critical thinking?
Fri Dec 6 2013 01:54
Why isn't there a men's center? Oh I forgot... PATRIARCHY! SEXISM! RAPE CULTURE!

Feminazis, grow up.

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