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Column: Several fatal flaws mar the feminist movement

Perspectives on Feminism

On the Record

Published: Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updated: Friday, March 2, 2012 16:03

Walter Block

The Maroon

Walter Block On the Record

It seems that everyone and his uncle (Would it be more politically correct to say "aunt" here, instead? Yes. Tough.) are now feminists. This, alone, would constitute good reason if not to reject this stance outright, then at least to be highly suspicious of it. Most people — how shall I say this delicately — have an IQ akin to comfortable room temperature. If they favor something — anything — it is probably immoral, fallacious and wrong-headed. In the case of feminism, this is true in spades.

Let us start off with a minor annoyance foisted upon us by these harridans: their attack on the English language. It is no longer allowed in polite society to refer to a woman as "Miss" or "Mrs." Now, it would appear, we are all required to utilize the horrid word "Ms." But the first two convey important information: marital status. Why should we jettison knowledge about a woman's status in this regard just to satisfy a bunch of loud-mouthed people? And don't even get me started on "he or she," "she and he," "she" alone, or "s/he." Normal people can no longer read the language without constantly having their noses thrust into this sort of imbecility.

Now for some more serious concerns.

Feminists are typically socialists, communists, liberals or, ugh, "progressives." This is pretty downright despicable since these attacks on economic freedom create the very poverty against which they presume to inveigh. Have we learned nothing from the natural experiments of East and West Germany? North and South Korea? Why do these people want to condemn us to lives of penury?

They learn nothing from our history, which bears eloquent testimony to the fact that socialism simply does not work. Socialism ruins whatever it touches, not only abroad, but domestically too, as in the cases of socialized medicine, the welfare system (which breaks up families) and social "security" (which reduces intergenerational ties). Feminists are invincibly ignorant, too, regarding the economic functioning of minimum wage laws, unionism, rent control, tariffs, taxes, central planning, etc.

Feminists oppose arming women. When confronted with the scourge of rape and molestation, feminists respond by holding "Take Back the Night" marches, whining about how horrid these attacks are. Of course they are! But why not encourage young women to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights to bear arms? The gun is the great equalizer. Face it: unarmed women are at a disadvantage vis-a-vis rapists, who are usually bigger, stronger and heavier than they are. With a pistol in their pocketbooks (sorry, I can't help my stereotyping; I relish it) they confront their attackers on an equal basis.

There is a wealth of empirical evidence, as well as common sense, attesting women known to be well armed are safer. Pistol and rifle target shooting is an Olympic event. Why don't universities have girls' (there I go again) teams in these sports? But wait: there is one benefit to "Take Back the Night" marches, and I do want to be fair: whenever rapists contemplate these events, they keel over in laughter. They are laughing so uproariously that at least during these times they are incapable of raping anyone.

In the view of most feminists, capitalism is to blame for the wage gap of some 25 to 30 percent. They claim that "sexism" is responsible for the fact that men earn more than women on average. Not at all. This is due in large part, instead, to the economic doctrine of alternative costs: whenever you do anything, you do it at the cost of not being able to do something else as well as you otherwise might have been able to do. Women bear a disproportionate share of housework. Stipulating that they are otherwise equally productive to men, this alone would account for a large share of the so-called wage "gap."

Feminists will undoubtedly interpret the foregoing as evidence that I hate women. Nonsense. Some of my best friends are women. I admire many women. I do not at all mean to put down the distaff side; very much the opposite. I wish to rid our better halves of this virus that inflicts them: feminism.

Walter Block is an economics professor. He can be reached at

On the Record is a weekly column open to any member of Loyola's faculty and staff. Those interested in contributing can contact

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Wed Nov 14 2012 08:26
Wow, a lot of dumb chicks who took one sociology class and think they're an expert about gender issues in this comments section.
Please take a step back and have some perspective, people.
Tue Oct 30 2012 22:55
It is very unfortunate that the image of this university suffers because of your presence. This is literally one of the most ignorant and unintelligent articles I have ever read. How can you qualify to teach when you yourself are so completely uneducated? What a shame.
Tue Sep 4 2012 14:45
Dr. Block is AWESOME! Down with any form of oppression! I wish he taught at my school.
Thu Jul 5 2012 16:42
I love you, Dr. Block.
Sat Jun 9 2012 12:09
With nothing better to do on a Saturday, I'm sitting here reading all this. As a woman, I do not feel the love. While riding my bicycle around Percy Quinn state park this past week, I could never stop looking over my shoulder and being afraid of being raped. Could not enjoy the ride because of someone out there hating me because of my sex. Walter Block reeks of hatred and he really needs to examine himself to find out why he has this anger toward women. I witnessed my married women friends working their butts off with cooking and child rearing while their spouses enjoyed the fruits of their wives labor, eating, drinking beer, eating and drinking beer. No vacation for these women. Work at work and work at home. Work on vacation. Some women have decided this inequality is for the birds and have decided they don't want to live this way any more. No man has the right to own a slave. Some want a slave and they are angry because slaves are harder to find because of these "feminists" encouraging women to be economically independent and ask for more from their spouses and lovers. While things are the way they are with most men wanting a slave at the house, I will stay single, charting my own course and dancing to the beat of my own drummer and no.. my marital status is unimportant as I am simply who I am, a human being and free. I was not born to serve a man, I am not a slave. Dr. Walter Block is full of hatred and he should be asking himself why he is so hate filled toward women. From reading his original article and his comment I do not believe he is a "nice guy". He is passive-aggressive.
Tue May 22 2012 00:51
Walter Block= epic troll.
Thu Mar 29 2012 15:52
Although I do believe this article was very poorly written I do believe Block has a very valid point. For instance, if women shouldn't be considered "the other" then it shouldn't be considered out of the ordinary for a woman to carry a gun in order to protect herself. Why leave ourselves so vunerable to the rapist out there. We should fight back in a way that will work. A march to Take Back the Night isn't going to solve the problem. We are no longer in the 60's and shouldn't protest as though we are. Of course many are stuck in that era and can't seem to get out! That's just one example. I do know that Block enjoys debate that people can learn from rather than forcing his beliefs down the throats of others. There are several far left liberal faculty members on this campus who have no respect for their colleague's opinions much less the students in their classes. The difference between Block and the far left is that he is willing to debate and listen to the other side. That is why his students love his classes. He challenges them rather than telling them what they have to believe. One suggestion I have for the way you word things in the future to really represent what kind of person you are. Although that may not really matter because as we all know the left won't ever listen to reason!!!
Wed Mar 28 2012 07:21

This piece says nothing that hasn't been thrown at feminists for years by misogynists. Why they persist, when they can be spotted at twenty paces, is anyone's guess. (I'll be over there attending to something important if you need me.)

Thu Mar 22 2012 22:05
I wish Dr. Block had more to say specifically about feminism. While true most feminists are statists, (why else be a feminist if you didn't believe in the pre-emptive use of power of the gun and the cage?) most of the article attacks statism, rather than the immorality inherent to feminism itself, which is the same flaw of racism, monarchy, democracy, or any other form of collectivsm: simply that some people deserve more privilege than others by virtue of mere membership of some group.

The answer to racism isn't more racism. The answer to male sexism (misogyny) isn't female sexism (feminism). That path leads to perpetual resentment and violence. After all, the job you got because of your race, class, sex, etc is the job someone else didn't get because of their race, class, sex. They will always resent it and if they employ the same tools against their erstwhile oppressors will breed more hate. Collectivism breeds hate. Collectivism IS hate.

Thu Mar 22 2012 17:10
Hahahaha. It's hard to even be angry about such a crazy-ass opinion piece. I'd like to see Block's evidence that "feminists are typically socialists, communists, liberals or, ugh, 'progressives,'" or that "feminists oppose arming women." The beauty--and maybe also the travesty--in the feminist "movement" is that being a feminist does not carry with it a prescribed set of ideals. Being a feminist does not equate to being a socialist, and I have no doubt that this piece was written with the pure intent of A. pushing Block's Libertarian political stance (is this really a surprise? Has no one here taken his classes?) and B. inciting an uproar. Great job Block. You've proven once again that you're more interested in making people angry than engaging in an argument backed by facts. Now excuse me, I have quite a bit of housework to do.
Thu Mar 22 2012 16:51
To the person who wrote:

"Perhaps his point is to rouse us all! He's got people talking, pissed off, etc... people aren't being quiet - they're GETTING LOUDER.
Thanks, Mr Block.
My Vagina, so far unscathed by rape :)"

What the fuck does "unscathed by rape" mean? Are you saying my pussy is "scathed" because I got date raped my freshman year? And what does the state of your vagina have to do with this discussion? There's no scathing. Shit happens and we control what we can, and shit happens without regard for who you are or who your vagina is. And Block is right in a way because if I had a gun, I woulda used it (though roofies make me a bad aim, I have to admit...)

So congrats on being "unscathed." I guess we should be giving you a fucking medal. So far, no rape. So far, so good. Whoopedyfuckingdoo. Funny thing is that Walter Block never made me mad. I don't expect him to understand. But as for the women, when THEY have the ignorance to imply that rape somehow changes the physical composition of pussy, well, it makes me wanna wipe the sideways smiley right off the dumb bitches' faces.

Wed Mar 21 2012 07:42
The Comment section proves this man's claims are right on target. I don't know a feminist who isn't arrogantly sided with herself that, she is somehow being hurt in this world, even when she hardly steps into it. For an entire species of people to stand on principals - rather, "demands," that they should have the right to "take out" the lives of future generations at will, and destroy existing marriages by spreading their legs at will, - well, it doesn't say much for those of us sitting around letting them get away with it.
Anger, bitterness and hate are what make most of these otherwise wonderful people, ugly.
Thank God truth still finds a corner in the overall ilk of feminist success in destroying our nation via our educational institutes. I only hope he's got enough weight in his teaching to sway the next crop of young ladies to thing, and (God Forbid) maybe even realize what a wonderful species theirs, used to be, and how important it is, to take that back, become the important, moral, mothers and husbands that hold man-woman marriages together and have been the cornerstone of success of our nation. Unfortunately, it's not looking too good for moral, normal lives these days. Perhaps we could arm the masses of women who DO know their importance to us all, and strike back alongside them in the next revolution to take our nation back from the communists that now run it and ruin our lives.
Tue Mar 20 2012 20:17
Perhaps his point is to rouse us all! He's got people talking, pissed off, etc... people aren't being quiet - they're GETTING LOUDER.
Thanks, Mr Block.
My Vagina, so far unscathed by rape :)
Alum the Awful
Mon Mar 19 2012 03:41
Anyone else feel like Trolling this comment thread?
Melanie c/o 2011
Fri Mar 16 2012 14:22
While I can't even fully wrap my head around this article enough to comment on its contents, I would like to point out that in my opinion, the Maroon is doing a fine job by publishing this "drivel," Andy. The paper is made up of an editorial staff, of whom I'm willing to bet at least one considers themselves a feminist. It is up to the paper to present an unbiased cross-section of the opinions of its contributors, and I highly doubt it was an easy pill for many of them to swallow to agree to publish this in the Op/Ed section. Loyola students love to insult the Maroon for publishing stories that make them uncomfortable, and quite frankly I find that even more ignorant that Block's position on Take Back the Night. Gross.
Margaret Jannetti
Fri Mar 16 2012 11:19
I so hoped that this article was tongue-in-cheek. I'm still not sure if it is or isn't Mr. Block's true feelings. For what purpose do women and not men need to be identified by marital status? How does he know rapists laugh themselves into a frenzy over women showing their refusal to fear the night and the cowardly rapist's threats? And exactly what are the "fatafl laws" mentioned in the title? None were ever fleshed out. But the ramblings of a mysogenistic, tenured college professor have been put into a public forum. I would suspect no woman would ever take his class again and colleagues should be disgusted by such poison spewed at Loyola's women students as well as such a display of an astonishing lack of respect.
Fri Mar 16 2012 08:53
Important thing is not to silence him. Remember who you're dealing with (unfortunately).
Wed Mar 14 2012 17:15
There is a market solution to this bloated, bloviating fellow living off the fat of an academic system that provides him a right to employment that he would never possess in a free market: Fire him.

In order to find a job, he would be forced to lose weight, take a bath, get a haircut and shave his peculiar beard, put on a cleaned and starched shirt, wear a tie, and get rid of his circa 1970 spectacles. He would be offered a government provided, socialist form of health insurance for a period of months called COBRA but ultimately that would end and the unemployable professor would be in the market for health insurance and no insurance company would underwrite him. He might try to learn how to speak to women, since they will be involved in hiring decisions, but the prospects are doubtful. A series of technological innovations make information transparent. He would not be able to hide his prior useless writings or his complete arrogance. Then he will have to take his silly Austrian theory of economics and see if anyone wants hear his theories, which are unsupported by an empirical evidence. It is very doubtful he would be hired by anyone other than a radio program seeking a carnival barker or a company seeking government grants to study goofy economic theories that have been rejected for a century. He could also try with the government, as most of Neocon blow hards are looking for a government position as a place to hide from reality.

Absent that, he would of course collect unemployment, get a free ride at the ER as needed while he defers his medical care until he qualifies for MEDICARE, another socialist gift to his unworthiness.

Of course there are other less severe market solutions to this joker:
students can boycott his horrible courses; fellow profs can ignore him; and the administration can move his office to the toilet, where he belongs!


Wed Mar 14 2012 12:46
i hope a riot girl hits you over the head with her lunch box
Wed Mar 14 2012 05:10
I found this article through a Gawker link and found it most unfortunate. As a female alum, it looks like I will be keeping my wallet closed for any future annual giving campaigns.

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