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Column: Rape is not a gender issue

Perspectives on Walter Block

Published: Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updated: Friday, March 23, 2012 16:03


Dear editor,

It seems today that everyone and their uncle (I choose the term uncle to signify that men are included) identify as feminist. When presented with new ideas, anyone with an IQ above comfortable room temperature should not reject but rather begin to question and understand. This is a sign of a critical thinker. The terms, “immoral,” “fallacious” and “wrong-headed,” are relative to a person’s own beliefs and used to suppress. Has Dr. Block learned nothing from the “natural experiments” of Nazi Germany or the colonization of Sub-Saharan Africa?

Dr. Block argues against eliminating the terms “Mrs.” and “Miss,” in favor of the accepted term “Ms.” English is essentially bad German with the insurgence of mispronounced words from romantic languages. In German, the term to denote an unmarried womyn is Fräulein, and the term for a married womyn is Frau. In 1972, the German minister of the interior officially banned the use of the term Fräulein in favor of Frau for all womyn. Language naturally develops as a culture develops, so this isn’t “imbecility” despite what “normal” (whatever that is) people think.

All feminists are “ugh” progressive. Feminists, by the nature of the movement, attempt to progress our culture past misogyny. We all attempt progress; that is the point of going to college. Times change, people change and common thought changes — this is how history works. Many womyn do succeed in a capitalist structure socially through promotion but fail financially due to lesser pay. The “natural” experiments of East and West Germany were not true examples of Communist theory; they were an excellent example of feudalism. Socialism seems to work in Sweden, which has one of the highest standards of living. They have more industry than the United States (all of ours is in China) and less poverty.

Rape is not a womyn’s crime. A recent study showed that there are twice as many male rape victims as there are female victims in the United States. Very few men who are raped report the crime. The police label these men as “gay” despite the fact that the majority of male on male rapists and victims identify as exclusively heterosexual. Rape is a very serious crime that many universities refuse to acknowledge.

Why don’t womyn exercise their Second Amendment rights, as Dr. Block suggests and just arm themselves with guns? Probably because firearms require years of training. Mace even requires practice. New Orleans crime is at an all-time high. The last thing we need is for the majority of people, who Dr. Block claims to have an IQ of 74, carrying around loaded weapons.

I commend you, Dr. Block, on your sensationalist column. Many people on this campus were talking about very important issues because of your column. You have done a great service to the Women’s Resource Center. We as a student body know not to be a Blockhead.



Parker Denton

Theater Junior


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